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Gadget and the Gadgetinis is a spinoff of the classic series Inspector Gadget developed by DiC in cooperation with SIP Animation produced from 2001-2003. There are 52 episodes.


Gadget is now a lieutenant, and a member of an organization called “W.O.M.P.” (World Organization of Mega Powers). He is aided in his work by Penny (who is now twelve years old), as well as the new robot characters Digit and Fidget, the titular Gadgetinis invented by Penny, who essentially replace Brain the dog in this series (who is supposedly retired from active duty)and Chief Quimby (who now works as an informant for the head of WOMP) has been replaced with Col. Nozzaire, a former member of the French Foreign Leigon.

Quimby Giving Orders againWhile Brain and Chief Quimby are mostly absent from the show, they do appear in pictures in Gadget’s house. Each also appears as a special guest, and only in one episode each. Brain appears in episode 36, No Brainer which reveals that, having been traumatized after years of pain while saving Gadget, he retired from crime-fighting to live in a riverside house. The mere mention of the word “gadget” is enough to drive him frantic. Chief Quimby appears on episode 45. Super Boss Gadget.

Gadget and the Gadgetinis essentially follows the same plot as the original series, with the clumsy Gadget attempting to fight crime on his own, while Penny and her helpers did all the work. Doctor Claw, who in some stories was replaced by other villains – in a few cases aliens or dictators – had relatives in a few of the episodes, a move which has been criticized by some as detracting from his mystery.

Cast of Characters

Lieutenant Gadget
Lt. Gadget sports a laser pistolGadget is now a Lieutenant in W.O.M.P. (World Organization of Mega Powers) and has been upgraded to version 5.0. Considered to be a State of the Art crime fighting machine complete with new weapons to aid in W.O.M.P’s fight against evil. However, Gadget’s mind is the same as before giving way to bumbling mistakes and general blissful confusion. In the episode Erasing Gadget his parents are revealed as Jules and Annie Gadget.

Now 12 years old and a prodigy inventor. Created the Gadgetinis after Brain’s retirement. Penny is still the real reason behind Gadget’s continued success.

Gadgetinis Power Fully operational artificially intelligent gadget androids, modeled after Lt. Gadget by his niece Penny. They are armed to the teeth with various weaponry and gadgets, including smoke bombs, communicators, helicopters, lasers, etc. They were built as a replacement for her dog Brain after he had retired as Gadget’s guardian. Named Digit and Fidget, both were personally trained by Gadget and both tend to stay by his side, while with help of Penny via a computer up link, they try to crack the case while keeping Gadget out of harm’s way

The orange Gadgetini, who often believes he posses human qualities and must be constantly be reminded of his robotic origins by his robotic brother Digit

The blue Gadgetini, the more intelligent of the two.

Col. Nozzaire
Col. NozzaireFormer member of the French foreign legion, Col. Nozzaire Gadget’s superior at W.O.M.P., taking the role of Chief Quimby (who has become a part of the Cryptic Intelligence Service) it is his job to assign Gadget to all the various missions handed down by General Sir. However on many occasions Nozzaire is a target for M.A.D. agents and often plays a role of the “damsel in distress”. Overall what defines him is his hatred for Gadget, whose clumsy antics often wind up ruining his life some how. Gadget comedically mispronounces his name as “Nose Hair.”

General Sir
Head of W.O.M.P. and a friend of Chief Quimby who has taken a job informing him of suspicious activity through out the world.

Dr. Claw
Still the leader of M.A.D. Now sports a golden gauntlet. Parents revealed as Marilyn and Gordon Claw

Background Information

The original creators returned for this series – Andy Heyward was one of the executive producers, Jean Chalopin co-created the show and wrote 49 of the episodes, while Bruno Bianchi directed.

Maurice LaMarche continued as Gadget’s voice, reprising his role from the “Sunday Movie Toon”, “Inspector Gadget’s Last Case”. The main title song was written and performed by Mike Piccirillo. The musical underscore composers were Mike Piccirillo and Jean-Michel Guirao.

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