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GadgetboyGadget Boy & Heather (also known as Gadget Boy) is an animated television series from DiC Entertainment. Dialogue in the first episode suggested that Gadget Boy is not Inspector Gadget as a kid, but, in fact, a future version where the personality of a “legendary crime-fighter” (i.e., the Inspector) was implanted into a new (probably robotic) host. Gadget Boy’s bionic implants were installed by Switzerland-based inventor Byron Dabble who has an unrequited crush on Heather. Gadget Boy and Heather receive their assignments from Italy-based Chief Stromboli, who is sort of a predecessor of Chief Quimby. Instead of Penny, Gadget Boy was assisted this time around by the resourceful Heather, and Brain was replaced with a fully-robotic dog named G-9.

Just as maladroit as he was in his previous incarnation, Gadget Boy was usually bailed out of situations by the more practical Heather, though he was also helped greatly by his myriad high-tech gadgets and extendable arms and legs.

In this series, traditional nemesis Dr. Claw was replaced by the villainous mask-wearing villainess Spydra who is accompanied by Russian wisecracking Boris Vulture and her henchmen Mulch and his twin brother Houmous

Background Information

The series debuted in 1995, and two series were produced, the second one complete with a name change to “Gadget Boy’s Adventures in History” produced in 1997, and a change in story focus as suggested by the new title. The main title theme song was written and performed by Mike Piccirillo. Musical underscore composers were Mike Piccirillo and Jean-Michel Guirao. Gadget Boy even made an appearance on Inspector Gadget’s Field Trip in an episode where he fell into the Fountain of Youth.

Gadget Boy’s Adventures in History

In this part of the Gadget Boy series, the young detective has to stop the evil Spydra across time.
At times Spydra’s fails to use or change time to her liking during the series.


Gadget Boy – Voiced by Don Adams
Picture of Gadget BoyThe next generation in robotic detectives. He was created in a lab by Swiss inventor Byron Dabble. Using the most advanced technology at his disposal he created him to fight the forces of evil. Though it is believed by many that he is Inspector Gadget as a child, this is in fact false. Gadget Boy was created in the image of the robotic detective and programed with his peculiar personality. Gadget Boy was equipped with numerous gadgets and activated them by saying the words “Go Go Gadget Boy…”

Agent Heather – Voiced by Tara Strong
Employed to serve as an assistant and nanny to Gadget Boy, however she often finds herself doing the detective work, while Gadget Boy fights off Spydra’s agents.

Chief Stromboli – Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Taking the role of Gadget Boy’s boss, it was his job to assign Gadget Boy to his missions, which tended to test the boundaries of time and space. His main informant was his fax tie, which would print out missions, which somehow or another always ended up exploding in his face.

G-9 -
Picture of G9Gadget Boy’s pet dog and primary mode of transportation. G-9 is a robotic dog capable of transforming in to numerous items and means of transportation, allowing Gadget Boy and Heather to travel by land, sea and air as they tried to foil Spydra’s plans. Later in the series he would be upgraded to have the ability to shape shift into things whose blueprints were etched into his back, also he was given time travel capabilities, which can only be accessed with the password “Warp Time G-9

Spydra – Voiced by Louise Vallance
A picture of SpydraAn evil villainess whose main dream is to own Earth’s treasures. Aided by her minions and her vulture Boris, she made numerous attempts to steal the greatest treasures, try to conquer the world and on more than one occasion try and re-write history as we know it. She is often abusive and nasty towards her minions, however she has been known to be in better moods when being entertained by her one and only favorite comedian, Charlie Chaplin.

Boris the Vulture – Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Picture of Boris VultureSpydra’s second in command, he takes the role of the wise cracking side kick. Speaking with a Russian accent, Boris’ job was to do all the dirty work, such as co-piloting and recruiting. Though he is often involved in Spydra’s plots and holds important roles, he prefers to slack off and to joke around.

Mulch & Houmous – Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Spydra’s agents and Masters of disguise.

Episode list

These episodes are not in order

Original Gadget Boy episodes
Don’t Burst My Bubble
Gadget Boy In Toyland
Gadget Boy and the Wee Folk
You Oughta Be In Paintings
All That Gadget Is Not Glitter
Gadget Boy and the Great Race
Raiders of the Lost Mummies
From Russia with Gadget Boy
Gadget Boy And The Ship Fools
Gadget Boy And The Uncommon Cold
Double Trouble Toil and Dabble
Gadget Boy Squadron
My Gadget Guard
Treasure Of The Sierra Gadget
Gadget Boy And The Dumpling Gang
The Day That Gadget Stood Still
Monumental Mayhem
Jurassic Spydra
Gadget Boy’s Tiniet Adventure
Power of Babble
Pirate of The Airwaves
Jaws And Teeth
Eight Hands Are Quicker Than Gadget Boy
Boris For President
All Webbed Up
Vulture Of The Bride

Gadget Boy’s Adventures in History Episodes
The Vulture has landed
The Long and Winding Wall
For Whom The Torch Rolls
Madame Spydra Fly
An Ice Age Runs Through It
The Three Gadgeteers
Hot Time in Old Caves
Bionic Blunder From Down Under
Some Assembly Required
Ice Station Vulture
Coming In On A Web And Prayer
All’s Fair At The World Fair
A Whale Of A Sail of A Tail
An Extinct Possibility
A Knight To Remember
No Laughing Matter
It’s Not Easy Staying Green
Just Fakir-Ing It
Go West Young Vulture
These Are A Few Of My Favourite Flying Things
Valley Of The Vulture
The Time Land Forgot
Three Brainiacs in A Fountain
A Gadget Boy Christmas All Around The World
Back To The Vulture

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