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Inspector Gadget 2 is a Walt Disney Pictures film released directly to VHS and DVD in March of 2003. It was based upon the Inspector Gadget cartoons created by DiC Entertainment and is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1999 Disney filmInspector Gadget. However, the two films have a tenuous link at best since the canon of the first film was poorly referenced and none of the 1999 film’s actors return to reprise their roles.


Inspector Gadget and G2 ScreenshotInspector Gadget (French Stewart) and his Gadgetmobile (voiced by D.L. Hughley) are having problems in their line of work, mostly because of a series of glitches Gadget is experiencing and his over-zealous attitude. This includes arresting Quimby’s mother for speeding at 25.3 mph in a 25-mph zone and arresting girl scouts for selling cookies that passes the expiration date. At this time, Dr. Claw (Tony Martin) escapes from prison. Mayor Wilson (Sigrid Thornton) takes this opportunity to create G2 (Elaine Hendrix), a female Gadget-type robot that can function normally. Gadget begins to fall in love with G2, however, he is pulled off the Claw case in favour of her.

Claw begins a new plan to steal gold from the Federal Reserve, but first, he recruits three new gang members: Squint, Jungle Bob, and “The Ninja”, at a bar called “The Blue Monkey”. Gadget and his niece Penny find out about this (there was an advertisement in the paper) and while Gadget goes to the bar undercover (and causes a bar-room brawl), Penny finds out that Claw is planning a heist at the Concentrated Industries warehouse, and tells Gadget and G2. Gadget’s boss Chief Quimby tells him that he’s off the case and orders him not to go within 100 yards of G2’s stakeout at the warehouse.

Gadget is able to get around the Chief’s orders by staying 101 yards away from the stakeout, however he is convinced by the Gadgetmobile to show her he’s got what it takes. G2 meanwhile is able to subdue Claw’s henchmen easily, but Gadget’s appearance allows them to get away, taking with them ion fuel cells. Quimby is furious and demotes Gadget to the police station’s bathroom attendant.

Gadget is given a letter written by an unnamed source telling him that if he wants to catch Claw he should go to the upcoming science convention. At the convention, two of Claw’s minions plant a circuit override chip on him, allowing Claw to control him like a puppet. In the resulting chaos, the minions steal a protoid laser from the science convention. Gadget is promptly fired as a result of this.

Penny decides to examine the evidence on her own and eventually finds Claw’s hideout at an abandoned bowling factory. She infiltrates the hideout, but Claw captures her. At the gala, Gadget gets a job as a limo driver who opens doors for the guests. Inside the gala, Claw activates laughing gas to keep the people busy while he steals a ruby on loan from the Rajah of India, however G2 was immune to the gas. In order to stop the robot, Claw uses a magnet to trap G2. Afterwards, Claw and his minions escape with the Ruby after Gadget fails to recognize him. After G2’s failure, Quimby decides to deactivate the robot.

Gadget goes to the police department to reactivate G2. Brain tells them that Claw has kidnapped Penny. Outside, Claw activates his machine, which was hidden in a truck. The machine is a time displacement laser, which he fires at the city, freezing it in time and allowing Claw to rob the Federal Reserve with ease. Gadget and G2, who evaded the laser then confront him.

Claw orders his minions to attack Gadget and G2 so he can get away. Gadget and G2 decide to switch chips in order to make Gadget work perfectly, leaving G2 to deal with the glitches. Gadget chases after Claw, who is escaping in an ice cream truck, but Claw drops Penny off the truck with explosives attached to her so that Gadget has to go after her instead of stopping Claw. At the bridge, Gadget stops Claw with bubble gum. When Gadget orders Claw to put his hand (and claw) up, Claw gets away in a rocket-like escape pod, proclaiming :”You may have won this round, but I’ll get you next time, Gadget!”


Character Actor
Inspector Gadget French Stewart
G2 Elaine Hendrix
Dr. Claw Tony Martin
Penny Caitlin Wachs
Chief Quimby Mark Mitchell
Mayor Wilson Sigrid Thornton
Baxter Bruce Spence
Mrs. Quimby Alethea McGrath
McKibble John Batchelor
Brick James Wardlaw
Jungle Bob Nick Roughlan
The Ninja Siros Niaros
Mr. Morgan Brian McDermott

References to the cartoon

Inspector Gadget 2 French Stewart Gadget CopterAs in the cartoons, Dr. Claw’s face is never seen, except his mouth and (once) one of his eyes.

Just like the original character in the cartoon, Inspector Gadget’s personallity revolves around acting odd, goofy, clueless, and improfessional. He also can never get his gadgets to work right.

Unlike the first movie, Penny announces Inspector Gadget as “Uncle Gadget” instead of “Uncle John”.


Settings for this film include the Queensland University of Technology Gardens Point Campus, Queensland Parliament House,University of Queensland St Lucia Campus; South Bank Parklands Beach; Toowong Village and the William Jolly Bridge, all in Brisbane, Australia.

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