Inspector Gadget episodes


Season 1 (1983-1984)

Episode Airdate Title
1-01 September 5, 1983 Winter Olympics
Dr. Claw tries to sabotage the Winter Olympics by replacing the torch bearer with a M.A.D. agent and the torch with a bomb.(Note: This is the pilot episode where Gadget wears a mustache which is never seen again in the series. Gadget also acts more competent in this episode and Penny has a different voice.)
1-02 September 6, 1983 Monster Lake
Gadget searches for a missing scientist who vanished near a lake that is supposed to harbor a monster.
1-03 September 7, 1983 Down on the Farm
Gadget must stop a farm that M.A.D. is using as a missile silo from launching a missile to destroy Metro City.
1-04 September 8, 1983 Gadget at the Circus
Gadget takes Penny and Brain to the circus which is crawling with M.A.D. agents who try to eliminate him.
1-05 September 9, 1983 The Amazon
Professor Von Slickstein, the scientist who installed Gadget’s gadgets, has been kidnapped and brought to the deep Amazon jungle to build Dr. Claw an army of robots.
1-06 September 12, 1983 Health Spa
Gadget is invited to a health spa for some needed time
off but, it turns out that Gadget is the only guest and the spa is in
fact a M.A.D. plot to eliminate him.
1-07 September 13, 1983 The Boat
Gadget is assigned to board a cruise ship and safeguard the passenger’s priceless jewelry from Dr. Claw’s clutches.
1-08 September 14, 1983 Haunted Castle
While searching for a crime fighter’s convention, Gadget takes a wrong turn and ends up at Dr. Claw’s booby trapped castle.
1-09 September 15, 1983 Race to the Finish
Gadget enters the Gadget Mobile in a race and finds that Dr. Claw has also entered with a plot to eliminate him and his competition by sabotaging the other race cars.
1-10 September 16, 1983 The Ruby
Gadget goes to India to recover a priceless ruby that Dr. Claw wants to use in a powerful laser.
1-11 September 19, 1983 A Star is Lost
Gadget is assigned to guard Rick Rocker, a famous
musician, who Dr. Claw plans to kidnap and use to record mind
controlling music in his next album. (Note: Characters from the Heathcliff cartoon are also briefly present).
1-12 September 20, 1983 All That Glitters
Gadget is assigned to find El Dorado, the “Lost City of Gold”, before Dr. Claw’s agent does.
1-13 September 21, 1983 Movie Set
Gadget falls for a pretty actress unaware that she’s a
M.A.D. Agent and that Dr. Claw is using the movie set as cover to film
a secret military base.
1-14 September 22, 1983 Amusement Park
Dr. Claw has hidden a bomb in Metro City’s amusement park.
1-15 September 23, 1983 Art Heist
Gadget goes to New York City to stop M.A.D. agents from looting the Museum of Modern Art and replacing the art pieces with fakes.
1-16 September 26, 1983 Volcano Island
Gadget must foil Dr. Claw’s plan to erupt a volcano on an island resort.
1-17 September 27, 1983 The Invasion
M.A.D. agents disguised as aliens go on a robbery spree in Metro City.
1-18 September 28, 1983 The Infiltration
Gadget must capture Presto Chango, the world’s greatest disguise artist and M.A.D. agent, who tries to infiltrate London’s Interpol Conference.
1-19 September 29, 1983 The Curse of the Pharaoh
Gadget must stop M.A.D. agents from stealing the tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh.
1-20 September 30, 1983 M.A.D. Trap
The M.A.D. Agent “Rat”, uses a chain of petty crimes to lure Gadget to a steel foundry where he plans to finish Gadget off for good.
1-21 October 3, 1983 Basic Training
Gadget is assigned to protect a train load of computer parts from Dr. Claw and a M.A.D. agent who is posing as a train conductor.
1-22 October 4, 1983 Sleeping Gas
Gadget must go to a group of Southern Pacific Islands to foil Dr. Claw’s plan to knock entire cities out with sleeping gas.
1-23 October 5, 1983 Gadget’s Replacement
Gadget’s job is on the line when he discovers Chief
Quimby has replaces him with a high-tech crime fighting super computer.
M.A.D agents posing as repair men sabotage the computer to put it under
the control of Dr. Claw.
1-24 October 6, 1983 Greenfinger
Gadget is assigned to protect Professor Greenfinger who
has made a super plant-growth formula, but M.A.D. has already kidnapped
him and replaced him with an agent.
1-25 October 7, 1983 Gadget Goes West
Gadget goes to a western tourist town to stop the M.A.D. agent outlaw Black Bart.
1-26 October 10, 1983 Launch Time
Gadget must foil Dr. Claw’s plans to sabotage a space shuttle launch being sent up to repair a damaged satellite.
1-27 October 11, 1983 Photo Safari
Gadget goes to Africa to stop Dr. Claw and his M.A.D. agent Jungle Bob from establishing a crime base in the jungle.
1-28 October 12, 1983 The Coo-Coo Clock Caper
Gadget goes to Switzerland to search for stolen gold, but Dr. Claw sends the insane Clockmaker to eliminate him.
1-29 October 13, 1983 The Bermuda Triangle
Dr. Claw uses the supernatural aspects of the Bermuda Triangle as subterfuge to steal ships.
1-30 October 14, 1983 The Japanese Connection
Dr. Claw teams up with his sinister Asian counterpart Waruta-san, to steal the high-tech “Pip-Wan” computer chip. (Note: It is the only season one episode to have had its initial U.S. broadcast on a Friday.)
1-31 October 17, 1983 Arabian Nights
Gadget goes to an oil rich country in the Middle East
to safeguard a sacred sword that Dr. Claw plans to steal to gain
control of the country.
1-32 October 18, 1983 A Clear Case
Gadget must stop M.A.D. who has been terrorizing workers at a South African diamond mine with a ghostly curse.
1-33 October 19, 1983 Dutch Treat
Gadget goes to The Netherlands to foil M.A.D.’s plot of smuggling diamonds in chocolate bars.
1-34 October 20, 1983 The Great Divide
Gadget tries to stop a feud between men and women with
superhuman strength while Dr. Claw plans to steal the secret behind
their ability.
1-35 October 21, 1983 Eye of the Dragon
Gadget goes to Hong Kong
to recover a priceless pearl necklace that Dr. Claw plans to use to
forge a powerful alliance with the Asian crimelord Mr. Chow.
1-36 October 24, 1983 Doubled Agent
M.A.D. sends a robot double of Gadget on citywide crime
spree while the real Gadget is accused of the crimes. The second part
of Dr. Claw’s plan was to use the robot to kidnap a billionaire and demand a hefty ransom for his release.
1-37 October 25, 1983 Plantform of the Opera
M.A.D. secretly tunnels under the floor of an opera house into a bank vault next door and protects their operation with a carnivorous man-eating plant.
1-38 October 26, 1983 Don’t Hold Your Breath
Dr. Claw captures a group of oceanographers and held them captive in his underwater base where he plans to launch a spy satellite from.
1-39 October 27, 1983 Gone Went the Wind
Gadget goes to the North Pole to stop the M.A.D. agent Dr. Focus from using his “Sneezeooka” windstorm weapon against Metro City.
1-40 October 28, 1983 King Wrong
Gadget is assigned to protect the unhappy king of Pianostan who looks just like him.
1-41 October 31, 1983 Pirate Island
Gadget is on vacation in the Caribbean, but is called to duty to stop the M.A.D. agent Pegleg Peg from pirating wealthy sea-goers.
1-42 November 1, 1983 M.A.D. Academy
Dr. Claw trains some newly recruited agents in his
M.A.D. Academy by assigning them to eliminate Gadget who has arrived
there mistaking it for the Police academy.
1-43 November 2, 1983 No Flies on Us
Gadget, while suffering a head cold, must stop the spread of a fly-borne disease developed by the “Wild Man of Borneo”, a M.A.D. agent.
1-44 November 3, 1983 Luck of the Irish
Gadget goes to Ireland to find “The Blarney Stone”, Ireland’s national treasure, which has been stolen by Dr. Claw and his two Leprechaun-like agents.
1-45 November 4, 1983 Prince of the Gypsies
Dr. Claw has stolen Romanovia’s Royal Coat of Arms and has the blame put on a group of innocent Gypsies.
1-46 November 7, 1983 Old Man of the Mountain
Gadget goes to the Rocky Mountains in search of a prominent seismologist who has created an earthquake machine that Dr. Claw plans to use.
1-47 November 8, 1983 The Emerald Duck
Gadget goes to Mexico to locate a Mayan artifact called “The Emerald Duck”, which triggers an ancient solar weapon, before Dr. Claw can use it for evil.
1-48 November 9, 1983 Do Unto Udders
Dr. Claw transmits waves from a satellite that causes
cows to stop producing milk. Consumers are then forced to buy products
from M.A.D. Dairy Farms at exorbitant prices.
1-49 November 10, 1983 Did You Myth Me?
Gadget goes to Greece to stop a M.A.D. scientist from using a sacred scroll that has the formula for turning lead into gold.
1-50 November 11, 1983 A Bad Altitude
Dr. Claw plans to sink a tropical island and eliminate competition by making his mountaintop resort the only one left.
1-51 November 14, 1983 Funny Money
Dr. Claw busts three counterfeiters out of prison so that they can make bogus money to fund M.A.D.’s criminal operations.
1-52 November 15, 1983 Follow That Jet
Dr. Claw uses a mind-controlling video game to hypnotize military pilots into stealing their fighter jets and join his own M.A.D. Air Force.
1-53 November 16, 1983 Dry Spell
A M.A.D. agent and his Trolls drought Metro City by sabotaging the water supply and selling “M.A.D. water” at outrageous cost.
1-54 November 17, 1983 Smeldorado
Three M.A.D agents infiltrate the gold vault at Fort
Bricks and spray all of the gold with a formula that made it stink,
rendering it worthless. Gadget has a cold in this episode and cannot
smell the tainted gold.
1-55 November 18, 1983 Quimby Exchange
Gadget is assigned to protect a defected M.A.D. agent,
Nervous Nick Defecto. As revenge, Dr. Claw kidnaps Chief Quimby and
Gadget must save him with the help of the cowardly agent.
1-56 November 21, 1983 Weather in Tibet
Gadget is sent to Tibet to destroy a M.A.D. weather controlling machine. Dr Claw plans to use this machine to start storms over cities if they refuse to comply to his ransom demands.
1-57 November 22, 1983 Unhenged
M.A.D agents disguised as Druids kidnap a group of solar energy scientists and force them to build a heat ray weapon at the mysterious Stonehenge, which they will use to destroy the Tower of London.
1-58 November 23, 1983 Snakin’ All Over
Gadget is called to guard a priceless coin collection, but a M.A.D. agent uses his trained snakes to steal them.
1-59 November 24, 1983 In Seine
Gadget goes to Paris to stop a M.A.D. agent who uses a robot to steal from the rich and famous.
1-60 November 25, 1983 Tree Guesses
Gadget must stop Dr. Claw who has concocted a wood-destroying chemical that he threatens to unleash on the world’s forests.
1-61 November 28, 1983 Birds of a Feather
Gadget is sent to Turkey to guard a priceless jewel, but a M.A.D. agent uses his flock of trained birds to steal it for Dr. Claw.
1-62 November 29, 1983 So it is Written
Gadget visits a North African country where the locals
believe he is the one prophecy says will find an ancient treasure. Dr.
Claw and his agent posing as a journalist covertly plans for Gadget to lead them there before letting the locals eliminate him while they steal the treasure.
1-63 November 30, 1983 Fang the Wonder Dog
Dr. Claw kidnaps the movie star dog “Fang” and holds him for ransom.
1-64 December 1, 1983 School for Pickpockets
M.A.D. pickpockets try to steal Gadget’s top-secret gadget watch while he was on a vacation at Nice on the French Riviera.
1-65 December 2, 1983 Quiz Master
Gadget investigates a TV quiz show where contestants are hypnotized into robbing armored cars, but he unwittingly got hypnotized himself while trying to win a new toaster.

Season 2 (1985-1986)

Episode Airdate Title
2-01 September 14, 1985 Magic Gadget
The famous magician and M.A.D. operative, “The Great
Wambini”, holds a Metro City magic show with the elimination of Gadget
as the grand finale.
2-02 September 21, 1985 The Great Wambini’s Seance
2-03 September 28, 1985 Wambini Predicts
The Great Wambini goes to Alpakistan to impress the
King with his predictions in hopes the King will eventually hand over
his famous diamond-spitting llama.
2-04 October 5, 1985 The Capeman Cometh
Corporal Capeman makes his debut here, as he “helps”
Inspector Gadget defeat a ninja that tries to steal gold and eliminate
2-05 October 12, 1985 Crashcourse in Crime
M.A.D. celebrates their anniversary with a crime spree.
2-06 October 19, 1985 Gadget’s Gadgets
Inspector Gadget and Capeman are taken to a fake clinic
run by MAD. They say they are going to tune up Gadget’s gadgets, but
they are really going to get rid of them.
2-07 October 26, 1985 Gadget in Minimadness
Several little Gremlin-like creatures called the
Linguinis try to do Gadget in. They are all masters of disguise so it
is hard for Gadget to notice them.
2-08 November 2, 1985 The Incredible Shrinking Gadget
M.A.D. agent, Dr. Dumbkopf, creates a shrink ray with plans to reduce Gadget to the size of an insect.
2-09 November 9, 1985 Gadget Meets the Grappler
Dr. Dumbkopf returns and sends a dim-witted strong man thug to deal with Gadget.
2-10 November 16, 1985 Ghost Catchers
The M.A.D. scientist, Dr. Spectrum, creates phony
hauntings in hopes rich people will hand over lots of money to get rid
of the ghosts.
2-11 November 23, 1985 Busy Signal
Dr. Spectrum returns with a dematerializing beam that
teleports riches stolen from Metro City’s wealthy right to Dr. Claw’s
lair over telephone lines.
2-12 November 30, 1985 Bad Dreams are Made of This
M.A.D. inventor, Dr. Spectrum, has created a nightmare
machine that keeps Metro City’s citizens up all night and too tired to
function during the day.
2-13 December 7, 1985 Focus on Gadget
Gadget uncovers a M.A.D. plot to take over an orbital
space station equipped with a heat ray capable of evaporating the
Earth’s water.
2-14 December 14, 1985 Mad in the Moon
Gadget must foil Dr. Claw’s plan to carve the M.A.D. logo on the moon.
2-15 December 21, 1985 N.S.F. Gadget
Dr. Claw sabotages a satellite so that he can electronically steal from any bank account in the world. He injects crazy hallucinations gas into astronaut’s air tanks to scare them off, leaving it up to Gadget to sever his link.
2-16 December 28, 1985 Tyrannosaurus Gadget
A MAD Agent devises a plot to bring dinosaurs back into
the 20th Century so Dr. Claw can crush Metro City, whilst at the same
time, killing Gadget’s ancestors to ensure he never exists in the
2-17 January 4, 1986 Gadget’s Roma
Gadget time travels to ancient Rome to foil Dr. Claw’s plot of stealing the city’s treasures.
2-18 January 11, 1986 Gadget’s Clean Sweep
M.A.D. travels back in time to 19th-century London to
eliminate Gadget’s chimney sweeping ancestors and to steal the Queen’s
jeweled crown.
2-19 January 18, 1986 Gadget Meets the Clan
Dr. Claw hires a wheelchair bound crime boss, The “Great Great Gandfather”, to eliminate Gadget.
2-20 January 25, 1986 Gadget and Old Lace
2-21 February 1, 1986 Gadget and the Red Rose
Dr. Claw brings gangster, Spuds Malone, out of
retirement to eliminate Gadget with his infamous potato-firing tommy
gun “Red Rose”.

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