Bo Br

Boris the Vulture

Picture of Boris VultureSpydra’s second in command, he takes the role of the wise cracking side kick. Speaking with a Russian accent, Boris’ job was to do all the dirty work, such as co-piloting and recruiting. Though he is often involved in Spydra’s plots and holds important roles, he prefers to slack off and to joke around.

Voiced by Maurice LaMarche


Inspector Gadget’s Dog - BrainPenny’s dog. He assists her in keeping Gadget out of danger and solving the crime. He is a master of disguise and dresses up in order to watch over Gadget and save him from attempts on his life. Although Gadget is in contact with Brain almost the entire time while he is supposedly solving a case, Gadget never sees through his disguises (and as often as not, Gadget assumes Brain is a M.A.D. agent while ignoring all the real ones). Brain’s collar is outfitted with a retractable video communications system linked to a computer wristwatch Penny wears that allows her to relay information on Gadget’s activity, or warn Brain as to the whereabouts of M.A.D. agents. Brain can speak a human language, though in a gruff “dog” voice. Sometimes it is impossible to understand what Brain is saying. In a pinch, Brain will resort to pantomime and physical gestures to communicate effectively. His name is Finot in the French and the German version.