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Chief Quimby

Chief Quimby - Inspector Gadget’s bossGadget’s boss. He appears at the beginning of each episode with his own theme music to deliver Gadget his mission only to be blown up by the self-destructing message due to Gadget’s obliviousness, and appears again at the end of each episode to congratulate Gadget on a job well done. His name is Chef Gontier in the French version.

(voiced by Chris Wiggins, then by Maurice LaMarche)

Chief Stromboli

Taking the role of Gadget Boy’s boss, it was his job to assign Gadget Boy to his missions, which tended to test the boundaries of time and space. His main informant was his fax tie, which would print out missions, which somehow or another always ended up exploding in his face.

 Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Col. Nozzaire

Col. NozzaireFormer member of the French foreign legion, Col. Nozzaire Gadget’s superior at W.O.M.P., taking the role of Chief Quimby (who has become a part of the Cryptic Intelligence Service) it is his job to assign Gadget to all the various missions handed down by General Sir. However on many occasions Nozzaire is a target for M.A.D. agents and often plays a role of the “damsel in distress”. Overall what defines him is his hatred for Gadget, whose clumsy antics often wind up ruining his life some how. Gadget comedically mispronounces his name as “Nose Hair.”

Corporal Capeman

Corporal Capeman Gadget’s sidekickA nerdy sidekick who dresses in stereotypical superhero garb and accompanies Gadget in a few episodes during the second season. He is even more clueless than Gadget. The two have a student/mentor relationship, though Gadget is rarely teaching anything nor is Capeman learning. (Gadget generally mispronounces his name “Capman”). Capeman is obsessed with learning to fly and often mistakenly believes he has miraculously acquired the power of flight while in the midst of dire circumstances. His last appearance is in the series’ last episode: “Gadget and the Red Rose” (#86).

In the first season, nearly every episode saw the introduction of some supervillain who had come to be employed by Dr. Claw to commit a crime suited to their special skills. They are typically arrested at the end of the episode, and do not appear again in the series.

(voiced by Townsend Coleman)