G- Ga Ge


Picture of G9Gadget Boy’s pet dog and primary mode of transportation. G-9 is a robotic dog capable of transforming in to numerous items and means of transportation, allowing Gadget Boy and Heather to travel by land, sea and air as they tried to foil Spydra’s plans. Later in the series he would be upgraded to have the ability to shape shift into things whose blueprints were etched into his back, also he was given time travel capabilities, which can only be accessed with the password “Warp Time G-9″

Gadget Boy

Picture of Gadget BoyThe next generation in robotic detectives. He was created in a lab by Swiss inventor Byron Dabble. Using the most advanced technology at his disposal he created him to fight the forces of evil. Though it is believed by many that he is Inspector Gadget as a child, this is in fact false. Gadget Boy was created in the image of the robotic detective and programed with his peculiar personality. Gadget Boy was equipped with numerous gadgets and activated them by saying the words “Go Go Gadget Boy…”

Voiced by Don Adams


Gadgetinis PowerFully operational artificially intelligent gadget androids, modeled after Lt. Gadget by his niece Penny. They are armed to the teeth with various weaponry and gadgets, including smoke bombs, communicators, helicopters, lasers, etc. They were built as a replacement for her dogBrain after he had retired as Gadget’s guardian. Named Digit and Fidget, both were personally trained by Gadget and both tend to stay by his side, while with help of Penny via a computer up link, they try to crack the case while keeping Gadget out of harm’s way

General Sir

Head of W.O.M.P. and a friend of Chief Quimby who has taken a job informing him of suspicious activity through out the world.