I-G.net is back!

It’s been quite a while, but Inspector-Gadget.net is finally back! Things are quite a mess around here right now, but I am working hard to get everything working and looking fresh. I appreciate your patience as I work on getting things situated.

I have been looking through countless backup CDs from years past looking for the content I had up previously. I have found a lot of what I need, but there are still some things missing. If anyone reading this has Inspector Gadget content they would like to submit, please contact me through the forums or the contact us form. ;)

I look forward to getting this community up and running again and brining quality Inspector Gadget information to the people that want it most.

Look for a completed site early in 2008!

4 thoughts on “I-G.net is back!”

  1. hi guys , i would love to replace my nephews gadget doll that was accidently thrown ouy a few years ago . if anyone knows of one for sale i would love to hear from you thanks guys , i can be found at ,,,, grub69@live.com.au

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