Inspector Gadget Fan Art

New Inspector Gadget show in 2009

UPDATE: Enjoy the fanart. Seems the new show rumor was a hoax

Wow, I don’t know what to say about this.  I hope this really happens. The news is that there is going to be a new Inspector Gadget cartoon airing in 2009.  No word yet on where it is going to be airing.  For now, all we have is some promotional art and some general info. It seems Gadget has some new sidekicks and will be fight Ghosts this time.  I wonder if Dr. Claw will be involved at all.   I can’t wait for the developments!   Enjoy the rest of these images for now.  If anyone visiting has any new information, please contact me!

Thank you Action-Figure for alerting me about this

19 thoughts on “Inspector Gadget Fan Art”

  1. While I agree that this does look a lot more bad-ass, I hope it still retains Gadget’s ineptibility. One thing I think might damage it’s popularity is the new roster of characters; You get Gadget and that blonde girl (I hope it’s Penny!), but where did those two white guys and the black kid come from? As soon as I saw the black kid and the goth white gu I immediately went “Are these the new Ghosbusters?”

    I also hope that Claw is in the show, along with the Chief and Brain. I don’t want to see now Gadgetini crap having the Cheif be replaced with an idiotic immagrant (no offense to anybody!)

    Also, I love the way the new Gadget looks, making his Gadgets look a lot more lifelike and realistic, but the only gadget that I’m worried they will mess up is the Helicopter Hat. In “Gadgetinis”, they made the hat come with a helmet and had the handlebars lower. that’d the one reason i didn’t really like “Gadgetinis” (at least the two Disney movies got it right!)

    One more thought: Maybe Ghost is a new organization that Claw thought up after the fall of MAD, which will probably explain the changes in character designs.

    P.S. – I do not want to see Claw suck his thumb EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok… not really sure how they can expect to pull this off… unless they plan to use the ever talented voice of Maurice LaMarche!
    Because as Gadget Fans I’m sure we are all aware of the unfortunate fact that we do not have the even more recognizable voice talent of the Late Great Don Adams due to his passing in September of 2005!

    All that to say…Im not gonna hold my breath for this one. But of course maybe it will be successful.

  3. O My GOD! I have always been a fan of Inspector gadget. The movie and cartoons were brilliaint! This has got me all excited now. I can’t wait for this to be aired on the telly! By looking at the images, I guessing there’s gonna be a dark twist to it, Not that much of course

    I just hope they kept the old characters in it. Though, it will be okay to see a small amount of new characters. Just not too many though.

    God, thsi is gonna make keep saying ‘Whens this show gonna come out yet?’ all the time.

  4. My God! Finally, I was starting to think that the new Gadget cartoon series was just a hoax or a prank, but now that I see this, I’m 100% sure that it’s going to be a blast!

    I agree with what the other people said, about Dr. Claw, he has to be in this new series, because Inspector Gadget without his greatest fiend, isn’t a Gadget cartoon. I like the new looks, and quite frankly, I’m starting to get used to the idea of the new Gadget having a team (I hope the blonde girl is Penny, because she looks very pretty), with new members, but I would also like to see Brain and Chief Quimby in it, too.

    Long Live Inspector Gadget and all of his characters (except the Gadgettinis of course, because they were very lame).

  5. DIC was bought out by Cookie Jar, a Canadian entertainment company. There is a section on their site about upcoming projects. No mention of a new Gadget series is made.
    I dismiss the whole “New Gadget series” thing as an unfounded rumor.

    I really wish it wasn’t, but there you go. The bank failure killed the project. :(

  6. ….I really hope this is all a farce. The 1983 Inspector Gadget cartoon was a brilliant success, and as a child I loved it and still do, but since then no one has been able to leave well enough alone. The cartoon ran for 80 some episodes—that’s INSANE for an animated series, especially when it’s being produced by a brand new animation studio, which DiC was at the time. I.G was its first series. Unfortunately, DiC slowly tore down their own series with various knockoffs in the years to come, and then Disney…….God, I never have forgiven them for those damned movies. Lord have friggin’ mercy. -_-‘

    I have yet to hear anything else about this show, save information from this site, and personally, those so-called ‘screenshots’ look quite a lot like fanart to me. I pray to anyone listening above that they are.

    ……Come on, people. The old series was awesome, and there’s not a thing wrong with holding on to that. But there’s such a thing as letting a cartoon live on with at least SOME dignity. I mean, GHOSTS? In Inspector Gadget. Really. What, are you trying to bring Ghostbusters back, too? Uggh. Sorry for the rant, but I’m really sick of this series getting raped just for extra money. And if this whole thing is a lie—I don’t see the point. It’s not gonna just magically appear because you say it will, thank God.

  7. ….not to mention that Don Adams passed away four years ago, so obviously he wouldn’t be doing the voice of Gadget. And that would screw everything over on a whole new level entirely.

  8. Well, I just found this and got pretty excited…untill I saw the pic of the other dudes with gadgets -.- I mean, the story is about Gadget, and in the old series it was also about Penny and the dog, in the newer one it were the douchebag robots and now…

  9. I love Inspector Gadget but Ghosts? Oh come on, is that the best they could come up with? All the terrible spin-off’s have given this ace cartoon a bad rep, they don’t need to eff with it much more! I agree with some of the other poster’s above, the only source I have heard of this is from this site, that’s it. Nothing has been mentioned by DiC (that is now Cookie jar). I hope this isn’t gonna be a Dragonball AF thing all over again…

    This better be fake, because if they intend to remake inspector gadget with a ghost busters element to it, I will be fuming. Its creators deserve better, and this ghost thing is just taking the mick. Also, I see no quimby nor claw, and I dunno who the hell these new guys are. Oh hell, the Gadgetinis want revenge lol.

    Sorry for ranting over this, but I just want an inspector gadget remake with an awesome story, not one with ghosts! How un original is that? -__-‘….

  10. Well, Don didn’t do the voice in Gadget and the Gadgetinis, either. But yeah, this is regrettably unlikely to put it mildly. Cookie Jar seem to have no interest in the franchise.

  11. “Inspector Gadget” IS a REALLY-REALLY-REAL good T.V.-SHOW.

    I want to know WHERE did Inspector Gadget come from, and WHO IS Inspector Gadget, and WHAT did Gadget do, and WHEN did Gadget get his stuff, and WHY IS Gadget a Robot, and HOW did Gadget know.

    Will you PLEEEEEEEEASE, HELP ME understand everything, PLEEEEEEEEEEASE, and thank you?

    Eric Dahle.

  12. Here MY opening Theme. In the Police Offace, Cheef QUimmby made a Police-MAN robot named Gadget, and Gadget has to learn everything about Dr. Claw, and his MAD people. Once he has a neace named Penny, and a dog named Brain. NOW he’s undercover, and his friends join UP with him, together. He has his powers become… Inspector Gadget!!!!.

    Am I RIGHT about an opening theme?

    WHAT are you doing, NOW, and/or WHERE are you, NOW?

    Eric Dahle.

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